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Sunset Elopment | Kristy + Angus | Paul Cameron Productions

Kristy and Angus’ sunset elopement was absolutely stunning, and perfectly captured their love and adventurous spirits. They travelled all the way from Australia with their son, to elope in Whistler.

A few days prior to their wedding, I took them out to scout some possible locations for their ceremony. As soon as they saw the quiet beach along Green Lake, it spoke to them. It reminded them of a cottage they had built together back home, and they instantly fell in love with the space. The bridge was down to get to the beach and there was only one plank through the water, but that did not deter them.

On their wedding day, Angus went down to the lake first. He looked out over the water, waiting for Kristy. When he could finally turn around, his first look was of her walking through the autumn leaves, illuminated by the sun. The couple shared their vows along side the lake, and were married as the sun dipped lower in the sky. They enjoyed a glass of champagne after their ceremony, and then headed off on a gorgeous sunset helicopter ride.

No-Limits Helicopters took us on a beautiful ride through the snowy mountaintops, which were all glowing from the setting sun. We eventually landed on a mountain, and stepped out of the helicopter into knee-deep powder. I packed out a path, and we all made our way out to the ridge, for some absolutely stunning sunset photos in the snow.



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