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Snowy Mountain Wedding | Georgie + Marty | Paul Cameron Productions

Georgie and Marty travelled halfway around the world for their snowy mountain wedding in Whistler, British Columbia. It was a beautifully unique day, which captured the love and commitment the couple shared for each other.

Georgie and Marty first met at a BBQ in Perth, Australia. After a few months, they went on their first date, and the rest is history. Marty’s work in the Navy led them to Singapore, and all over Australia, and in their courtship they spent much of their time travelling together. Eventually they moved in together, and couldn’t have been happier. When Marty proposed, he had to go to sea right away, and the couple had no contact for several weeks. By the time he returned, Georgie’s imagination had run wild, and she had some amazing ideas for their wedding.

They didn’t want a long engagement, and both adore skiing in Canada. February often has some of the best powder at Whistler, so they decided to travel out for a mountain top wedding in the snow. On the morning of their wedding they woke up to fresh snow fluttering down. They had hoped for a white wedding, so this was a dream come true. They shared a champagne breakfast with all their guests, who had each travelled to share their special day with them.

Everyone got ready together, and it was a wonderfully chill atmosphere as friends, family, Georgie and Marty all prepared for the big day. Their wedding ceremony was on the mountain, so Georgie wore a white ski suit with a fur-rimmed hood, white helmet, and white goggles. The couple rode the chairlift up the mountain, and gathered on a snowy patio with their friends and family. There, Georgie and Marty exchanged personalized wedding vows, and were married as the snow fell softly around them. After the ceremony, Georgie and Marty enjoyed some turns in the fresh powder, and we captured some shots as we all skied out together.

After their ceremony, the couple changed into their formal wedding attire, and headed to their reception at the Nita Lake Lodge library. The evening was a perfect winter wonderland, with snow falling, a wood fire crackling, and amazing food and drink. From the scenic mountain top ceremony, to the ski out, Georgie and Marty celebrated a wedding day that truly represented them as a couple.

Reception Location | Nita Lake Lodge | @nitalakelodge



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