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  • Complete coverage of your wedding day* - let us tell your whole story

  • Wedding day cinematography by Paul and custom film curation by Hillary & Paul

  • Professional 4K cameras, audio, & lighting equipment

  • Drone operation (weather and venue permitting)

  • Pre-production including consultation & scouting

  • Post-production including story assembly, editing, colour correction, colour grading, sound design, and audio mastering

  • Digital delivery & unlimited online hosting in 4K resolution [Sample]

  • Redundant raw file storage for 1 year after your wedding date

  • "Peace of mind coverage" - we capture your whole day in its entirety allowing for product upgrades for up to 1 year after your wedding

  • Weather resistant rig - rain or shine

  • 2 included films


Feature Films

Feature Films

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Feature Film

​Our Feature Film runs 10-15 minutes in length and is cinematically composed to include the most beautiful moments from your entire day - a "one and done" curation. It is set to a custom licensed soundtrack while using the very best live audio and footage from the day. This is a drawn out film allowing us to let your moments unfold naturally. Our feature films carry more of a narrative and allow more of a complete playback of your vital moments. Included with this product are short pre-wedding interviews with each of you to help build your narrative.

Delivered in 4K UDH 2:1 cinematic view.


Make a splash announcing your marriage with our social media teaser film. This is a cinematic, artistically created short film with a fast turnaround. It is delivered within 30 days of your wedding date. This film runs 1 minute in duration and is delivered in both vertical and horizontal orientations - perfect for all social media outlets. This film is accompanied by licensed music.

Delivered in 4K UHD 16:9 & 4:5 aspects.

Teasers Featured

Teasers Featured

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Below are a few popular add-on products and services. Tack them on now, or wait up to 1 year after your wedding day.


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All prices are in CAD and are subject to 5% GST tax

Any necessary travel fees outside of our included region will be included in our initial quote.


Please give our Film FAQs a quick skim:

  • *What is complete coverage?
    We value telling our couples' whole wedding day story and we appreciate that weddings come in different shapes and sizes. In general, our complete coverage begins with approximately the final 30-60 minutes of wedding prep (getting ready) with each partner. We then capture your whole day as it unfolds. For the conclusion of coverage, we wrap up after about 30-60 minutes of dance floor/party coverage once the reception formal program is complete ( speeches, formal dances). Our complete coverage allows for up to 12 hours of consecutive coverage. For filming beyond 12 hours, it is up to the discretion of the videographers and the scope of the events taking place to charge additional hours. For elopements, complete coverage includes up to 5 hours of consecutive coverage which is used for about 30 minutes of getting ready coverage, first look, ceremony, and approximately 2 portrait sessions. For a micro-reception, we have an additional add-on option.
  • When can I expect to receive my film collection?
    Every wedding day is unique, and we pride ourselves on giving every wedding collection our total creative attention. With the exception of our 30 day turnaround on teaser films, we reserve the right to a 6 month turnaround time on full wedding collections in our contracts, though we often average 3-4 months in peak wedding season. We are both full time cinematographers focused on getting you your films as soon as possible. We offer additional expedited editing services should you require your video products by a certain date. We prioritize shorter films over longer films, in the hopes of getting all of our couples a taste of their wedding day as soon as possible.
  • Do we need dual cinematographers?
    Paul does shoot the majority of weddings as a solo cinematographer and he has developed a filmmaking style that complements this well. We use additional static angles for vital moments such as first look, ceremony, and speeches. A second cinematographer is not a requirement, but can align well with certain days. This question really comes down to personal preference. Twice the cinematographers make for twice the dynamic coverage of your wedding but have twice the footprint. If you are looking for seamless coverage, this option may be a good choice. We generally require 15-20 minutes of setup prior to major events (such as ceremony and reception) where you may experience a lapse in coverage with a solo cinematographer. Having dual cinematographers present is great for very large events or events in which two things may be happening at the same time (ie. cocktail coverage and couples' portraits) Other reasons you may consider a second cinematographer: Getting ready in two separate locations at the same time Seamless coverage throughout pre-ceremony and pre-reception time Additional time for drone coverage during couple's portrait time Additional artistic/creative videography (use of longer lenses more often) Very large events (200+ guests)
  • Will there be drone coverage?
    Paul is a licensed drone operator and drone coverage is included in all of our film packages. Drone flight must be legal at your venue and is dependent on weather conditions. Paul uses the drone primarily for landscape and scenery establishing shots and typically takes his shots before your wedding begins. If there is a particular type of drone coverage that is important to you, please let us know.
  • Can we alter our order leading up to our wedding date?
    Yes! We strive to make the booking process as stress-free as possible for you. Knowing the exact timeline for your event at the time of booking is rare so creating a film collection can be tricky. We allow you to alter and/or add to your order at any point leading up to and during your wedding day. Though we do recommend ordering products in adv