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Capturing vows, speeches, and other audio components of your day is vital for your video products. Our process to do so is as non-invasive as possible with the smallest imprint on your day.  Below are our methods for capturing audio.


Our default method of capturing audio for film packages is with small, magnetic audio recorders. These are hidden from sight and are usually planted behind a lapel, tie, or collar. 

At the very least, we will plant one of these recorders on your officiant and groom during your ceremony.

If a DJ is amplifying your ceremony, we usually try to record their

audio feed as well via an output on their mixing board.


Size reference of our audio recorders


Mic'ing a bride(s) is a bit more involved, but if perfectly equal audio between you two is important, an array of options do exist.


As long as the ambient noise in your ceremony space is not too loud, a groom's mic is generally more than sufficient for picking up the bride's audio.


Mic'ing a bride is not our default, so please let us know if you'd like to pursue any of the options below:

  • Option A: If you are amplifying your ceremony with a DJ or house sound, we can often record the bride(s) from an output on the DJ's mixing board.

  • Option B: We can plant a small, white audio recorder in one of the following places:

    1. Slid inside the cup of your wedding dress (depends on the dress)

    2. Magneted into your vow book (if applicable, photo below)

    3. Magneted under a shall (more typical for backcountry and winter elopements)


Example of putting an audio record in your vow book


Size reference for fitting an audio recorder inside your dress

  • Option C: Bride(s) can wear a transmitter on their thigh and tape a wired mic inside their dress. Although a bit more invasive, it is quite comfortable once in place and is the standard in the wedding industry. This option generally yields the best results.

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 6.49.00 PM.png

A bride attaching a transmitter to her thigh

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 6.51.42 PM.png

A transmitter inside a thigh strap

Screen Shot 2021-09-17 at 6.47.46 PM.png

A lav mic taped inside a wedding dress

** Option C and Option A are the only options for mic'ing a bride for a live stream. **


Live stream audio is a bit more complicated since must use wireless audio transmitters for all parties for real-time sound.


Our default is to place a wireless transmitter and mic on both the officiant and groom. Other key audio sources can also be mic'ed (ie. musical performers, speakers, podiums). Knowing of any additional speakers other than the officiant, bride, and groom upfront is very helpful for our setup (ie. readings).

If the ceremony is being amplified by a DJ, we can often broadcast their audio feed as well.


Getting a clear audio feed from speeches is a similar process to the ceremony. We will assess options when we arrive. Our methods include the following:

  • Recording the DJ's audio feed, if your speeches are amplified by a DJ

  • Placing an audio recorder on a podium

  • Placing an audio recorder on a microphone being used

  • If no microphone or podium is being used, we can magnet an audio recorder onto each individual speaker. In this case, please have the speaker see us before beginning their speech.

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