Last weekend we went on our first mountain excursion since my knee injury. It was great to be back out near the tippy top with Hillary and the pups. We had a successful day of scouting for the winter seasons. 

I was blessed to be a part of this video shoot project in Ecuador. A good friend of mine, Derek Grossi, produced, and edited this amazing campaign video. What an amazing experience living in with this tribe for a week and experiencing their life. 

Hillary kites Nexen, and has it all to herself :) 

A little video from last year's trek

A 2018 mountain bike compilation of Gavin Francis. Footage shot on Full Nelson, Cakewalk, Silverspoon, Rigs In Zen, Powerhouse Plunge, and Labour of Love in Squamish, BC.

Hillary and I took a surf trip out to Tofino last spring. Here's the edit:

A little throw back to when we first got our truck! Breaking it in as the ultimate camper up the Squamish Valley with the animal pack. 

Just finished a little highlight reel from our epic honeymoon in Peru last year! Everything from trekking to Machu Picchu to kite surfing the coasts of Mancora. What a blast. 

 From the Cam Fam, to you!

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