8 Hours of Video Coverage

This is the amount of wedding day coverage (hours are consecutive). Eight hours is ideal to cover all your main wedding events. Every wedding day is unique but typically this package begins with some getting ready footage and ends with your reception.

* Upgrade to full day  +$500

Dual Videographers

Two dynamic and reactive angles shot throughout your wedding day. With two videographers we are able to have more angles and be more creative with our shots. It also allows two videographers to be in different locations, if this is something your day requires. 

Drone Coverage

Drone coverage is included, but is dependent on weather and venue restrictions.

Online Delivery

Online delivery will be through Mediazilla and includes unlimited online video hosting.

Videos are in 1080p resolution, mp4 format.



"Next Day" 60 Second Video Teaser

Skip our editing queue and receive an action packed 60 second version of your wedding right away. It is delivered within 48 hours of your event date. 

* Click here to view samples

5-7 Minute Wedding Highlight Video

An artistic medley of your special day including audio excerpts from key moments.

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* Upgrade to a 12-15 minute feature-length wedding film  +$600

Ceremony Video

An edited, full-length video of your wedding ceremony. This video combines multiple video angles from your ceremony for a dynamic experience including vow close-ups and reactions from your friends and family. We will utilize high quality audio sources from your ceremony and set the edit to a complementary musical underscore. This video also includes a small, artistic, pre-ceremony scene to establish the ceremony followed by a short post-ceremony scene.

             * Please inquire for samples



Full Day of Video Coverage --------------------- +$500


12-15 Minute Feature-Length Film Upgrade --- +$600

Speeches & First Dance Video -----------------  +$500

Documentary Wedding Movie -----------------  +$1450

Raw Footage ------------------------------------  +$1000

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Live Stream of Ceremony ---------------------- +$300

Fast Edit  ---------------------------------------- +$500

Extra Day  --------------------------------------- +$750

Photography ------------------------------------  (please inquire)

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** All prices are in CAD and are subject to 5% GST tax **