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This is not your typical Zoom Wedding.

This package runs our Premium Live Stream through a Zoom meeting for completely immersive experience!


  • Interactive two-way broadcast of your wedding ceremony through Zoom (up to two hours of broadcast in a single location)

  • This package allows online guests to view your live stream via a Zoom Meeting. Meanwhile, you can see your e-guests on a screen in real time. The guests will have the ability to speak and interact, if desired

  • By default, a Zoom meeting can host up to 100 guests (inquire if you require more)

  • Custom, private website to share with your e-guests ahead of time

    • Includes a small photo gallery

    • Includes a personalized message to your guests

    • Includes an online "Guest Book"

  • ​​Includes a basic amplification system to hear Zoom guests and amplify present speakers

  • Multi-camera broadcast with up to 4 cameras

  • Requires AC power and Wifi to operate

  • Includes a 300 foot ethernet cable if required

  • Dual videographers

  • Wireless audio feeds from key speakers (up to five audio sources)

  • Downloadable hard copy of the live stream & Zoom Meeting will be available within 48 hours of event

  • 720p HD minimum streaming quality

​  * Click here to view a sample


  • 300 Watt PA System

    • Amplifies both in-house and virtual speakers

    • Can be used to play music at small to medium sized venues

  • Wireless Microphones

  • LCD Projector & 6ft Projector Screen (can be swapped for a 43" TV if space is limited)


  • Additional Streaming  +$550/hour

    • Option to live stream your reception, speeches, first dance, or other key moments of your wedding day. Additional hours must be consecutive.  Please inquire if you have large gaps in your day. Bulk broadcasting will be discounted when you request a quote.

  • Edited Live Stream Video  +$700/event

    • We take all of the footage from all of our cameras and edit them together into a polished version of your ceremony, choosing all the best angles at all the best moments. We edit out any dead time making the edit more engaging. The edit is set to a complementary musical underscore. We also include a short establishing sequence (venue and detail shots to set the scene) as well as a finishing sequence. Since we're not limited by upload restrictions, we can delivery a higher bitrate/quality video than your original live stream. Though you have up to 1 year after your event to upgrade to this option, we do require payment 24 hours prior to your event if you'd like us to capture the additional establishing content. 

             * Click here to view a sample

** All prices are in CAD and are subject to 5% GST tax **

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