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We offer both wedding and elopement videography packages.


We have developed a mobile and reactive videography style allowing us to shoot anywhere. Whether you are planning a back-country elopement or a full-size wedding, we are here for you.


  • Customizable hours of coverage (2 hours minimum)

  • Single or dual videographers

    • Includes camera and gimbal operation

    • Professional lighting setup when required

    • Professional audio recording

    • Multi-camera setup of key events via additional tripods (ie. ceremony, first look)

    • Complementary setup & takedown time

    • Sorting and storage of footage for 1 year

    • Weather resistant gear (rain or shine, we will be there)

  • Drone coverage

    • If weather and venue restrictions allow

  • Live stream

    • We offer unmanned, single-angle, basic live streaming as an add-on to our film packages for moments such as your wedding ceremony. For our more in-depth multi camera, broadcast only live streaming outside of our film packages, click here.

  • Expedited editing option

    • Skip our editing queue and receive one of our products in two weeks!

  • Online 4K video delivery

    • Videos are delivered online via Mediazilla - they allow for permanent online hosting of your videos

  • Free revisions

    • Included in all of our film packages is one free round of revisions per video. Beyond that revisions are billed at our hourly editing rate. Custom edits do not include free revisions.​


An artistic and creative medley of your day, set to our music. Delivered in less than six months (on average, 3 months).

  • Social Media Edit

    • 40-60 second cinematic teaser highlighting the absolute best moments of your day. Delivered at the same time as the rest of your products.

  • "Next Day" Teaser

    • Skip our editing queue and receive an action packed 60 second version of your wedding right away. It is delivered within 48 hours of your event date. 

  • Montage

    • A slimmed down version of our highlight video (up to two minutes). This is a cinematic highlight of the best moments of your day set to our music, without speech voice overs. Options for a 2 minute, 3-5 minute or 6-8 minute highlight montage.

  • Highlight Video

    • Our most popular product. This video gives you the most memories from your day in the shortest amount of time. It is a cinematic highlight film including the most important and memorable events of the day. Options for 3-5, 6-8 or 9-12 minute highlight videos. 

  • Feature Film

    • A cinematic full wedding film, similar to our highlight video but extended to allow your memories to play out longer. A much more in depth playback of your special day. Options for 13-15, 16-20, or 21-25 minute feature films. 

  • Wedding Movie

    • A cinematic version of your whole day, using all your footage tastefully. This film usually runs 60-90 minutes in length. All shots that are stable and in focus will be included and set to our music for an easy viewing experience of your whole wedding day. The movie will be divided into chapters representing each event of the day. 

  • Custom Edits

    • Don't​ see the product you're looking for? We offer custom edits billed upon delivery at our hourly editing rate. Simply fill out a video description questionnaire and we'll do the rest. Custom edits do not include free revisions.


A clean edit of a certain event in chronological playback. Delivered in less than six months (on average, 4 months).

  • Ceremony Video

    • Full ceremony playback switching between multiple camera angles. We edit out any dead space. This video is set to a musical underscore. It includes a short establishing sequence to set the scene.

  • Reception Video

    • A tasteful edit of your reception including key moments such as “grand entrance”, full playback of speeches & toasts, an edited version of your first dance/parent dances, and other key memories. This video is set to a musical underscore. 

  • Speeches Only Video

    • As the name dictates, this edit is a full playback of all of your wedding speeches with no frills. This video is not set to music. ​

  • Archive Film

    • An archive film is a clean edit of the entire day. We generally recommend this product over purchasing raw footage. Similar to a documentary edit in the wedding world, all usable footage is placed chronologically, choosing the best angle for each moment with basic sound cleanup and colour grading. These films are edited in a documentary, real-time style to make the entire raw footage look clean and professional. This video is not cut to music.


Paul Cameron Productions holds the rights to all footage recorded, but allows their clients unlimited usage rights of their edited products for personal use. We do offer clients the option to purchase their raw footage and copyright in 2 tiers below. Clients are welcome to browse their raw footage online before purchasing. Raw footage is delivered after edited products are delivered. Raw footage is sold in 1 hour increments. All externally recorded audio is not synced with the video files (ie. lav mics).

  • 4K Raw Footage + Rights

    • All video and audio files, uncompressed (~100mbps)

  • 1080p Raw Footage

    • Compressed video (~10mbps), and on-camera audio only

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