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  • *What is complete coverage?
    We value telling our couples' whole wedding day story and we appreciate that weddings come in different shapes and sizes. In general, our complete coverage begins with approximately the final 30-60 minutes of wedding prep (getting ready) with each partner. We then capture your whole day as it unfolds. For the conclusion of coverage, we wrap up after about 30-60 minutes of dance floor/party coverage once the reception formal program is complete ( speeches, formal dances). Our complete coverage allows for up to 12 hours of consecutive coverage. For filming beyond 12 hours, it is up to the discretion of the videographers and the scope of the events taking place to charge additional hours. For elopements, complete coverage includes up to 5 hours of consecutive coverage which is used for about 30 minutes of getting ready coverage, first look, ceremony, and approximately 2 portrait sessions. For a micro-reception, we have an additional add-on option.
  • When can I expect to receive my film collection?
    Every wedding day is unique, and we pride ourselves on giving every wedding collection our total creative attention. With the exception of our 30 day turnaround on teaser films, we reserve the right to a 6 month turnaround time on full wedding collections in our contracts, though we often average 3-4 months in peak wedding season. We are both full time cinematographers focused on getting you your films as soon as possible. We offer additional expedited editing services should you require your video products by a certain date. We prioritize shorter films over longer films, in the hopes of getting all of our couples a taste of their wedding day as soon as possible.
  • Do we need dual cinematographers?
    Paul does shoot the majority of weddings as a solo cinematographer and he has developed a filmmaking style that complements this well. We use additional static angles for vital moments such as first look, ceremony, and speeches. A second cinematographer is not a requirement, but can align well with certain days. This question really comes down to personal preference. Twice the cinematographers make for twice the dynamic coverage of your wedding but have twice the footprint. If you are looking for seamless coverage, this option may be a good choice. We generally require 15-20 minutes of setup prior to major events (such as ceremony and reception) where you may experience a lapse in coverage with a solo cinematographer. Having dual cinematographers present is great for very large events or events in which two things may be happening at the same time (ie. cocktail coverage and couples' portraits) Other reasons you may consider a second cinematographer: Getting ready in two separate locations at the same time Seamless coverage throughout pre-ceremony and pre-reception time Additional time for drone coverage during couple's portrait time Additional artistic/creative videography (use of longer lenses more often) Very large events (200+ guests)
  • Will there be drone coverage?
    Paul is a licensed drone operator and drone coverage is included in all of our film packages. Drone flight must be legal at your venue and is dependent on weather conditions. Paul uses the drone primarily for landscape and scenery establishing shots and typically takes his shots before your wedding begins. If there is a particular type of drone coverage that is important to you, please let us know.
  • Can we alter our order leading up to our wedding date?
    Yes! We strive to make the booking process as stress-free as possible for you. Knowing the exact timeline for your event at the time of booking is rare so creating a film collection can be tricky. We allow you to alter and/or add to your order at any point leading up to and during your wedding day. Though we do recommend ordering products in advance of your wedding date to help us shoot toward your custom wedding film collection, we do also store and redundantly backup your footage for 365 days following your wedding date should you want to purchase any additional products later. Please note our product prices are subject to change over time. We document wedding days as much in their entirety as possible to keep your wedding collection options open after your wedding. We do allow order downgrades as long as no money refunding is required.
  • Do you work well with other wedding vendors?
    Yes! So very yes.
  • What is the booking process and payment schedule?
    Our standard payment schedule is the following: ​ • 30% down payment to reserve the date • 30% payment 3 months before your event date • 40% final payment 2 weeks before your event date ​ * Bookings less than 3 months before the wedding require a 50% down payment to reserve the date. The final 50% payment is due 1 week before your event date. For Canadian clients, e-transfer is our preferred method of payment. If necessary, we can also accept direct PayPal payments and credit card payments through PayPal. All bookings are managed online through a secure website. When you are ready to proceed you will receive a link to a finalized quote, contract, and payment option.
  • How do you choose music for our film collection?
    We choose and legally license appropriate music from our database to fit the overall mood of your day. Music selection is a part of our creative vision, so no need to worry about choosing yourself. The songs we use won't be the central focus of the film, but will rather help set the tone and tie everything together cohesively. We do take into consideration your musical preferences when selecting songs. If you would like to have an active role in music selection please let us know and we can share access to our song database. ​ For the use of songs outside of our database, you are welcome to research a "single use license" yourself.
  • How do you record audio in your films?
    We capture audio as discreetly as possible. We will assess the best way to do so when we arrive on site. We tend to use magnetic audio capture recorders hidden under clothing as well as direct audio recordings from your DJ/sound technician if present. We generally dislike the look of clip on lav mics in our films and generally stray away from using them with the exception of live streaming audio (in which case lav mics are mandatory).
  • Is your videography style discreet?
    We will shoot your day as it naturally unfolds with minimal interference. We believe that capturing candid emotion creates the most beautiful videos. We shoot mostly on a gimbal which allows for quick reactions and a more discreet presence during your day. During key moments (first look, ceremony, speeches, first dance) we will set up one or two static tripod angles to best capture the moment.
  • What equipment do you use?
    We have spent years perfecting the perfect mobile and discreet cinematography rig dancing the line between high quality 4K playback and fast-reactive cinematography with a small footprint. We mostly shoot a slew of Sony A7 series full frame mirrorless cameras - mainly the A7siii. They have dominated the wedding realm many years. We fly the DJI Air 2S Drone. We shoot a series of fast aperture Tamron zoom lenses and Samyang cinema prime lenses. We use a combination of Tascam DR-40X, Instamics, and Rode mics for audio capture. Our ground-breaking lighting setup is the Came-TV Boltzen 55watt bi-colour LED Fresnel video lights - these have been game changers for us. Our camera support consists of Manfrotto 290 tripods and the DJI Ronin-SC2 gimbal. Finally, we use the SlingStudio wireless HUB for our live streaming needs.
  • Do you travel outside of the Sea to Sky region for weddings?
    We will happily travel any distance to capture your wedding! A travel fee will be applied to any wedding exceeding 100km from Squamish, BC. You will receive a customized travel quote upon inquiry. For island weddings we require ferry fees and 2 nights accommodation. Depending on the travel distance we may require 2 nights accommodation for inland weddings as well.
  • Do you offer raw footage?
    You bet! Though we recommend checking out a few of our edited similar products that we offer, we do indeed sell our raw footage collections after wedding film collections are delivered. By default we deliver our raw footage digitally online after all of your film are delivered. We do allow a complementary online review of your raw footage should you want to see it prior to purchasing it.
  • Do you have a revision process for your films?
    Yes - we include one complementary round of revisions per film purchased if desired. We have software in which you can comment directly on the video at certain timecode to request changes. Revisions on custom edits are billed at our hourly editing rate.
  • What is your cancellation policy for films?
    Deposits made are non-refundable, but completely transferrable to alternate dates (pending availability) and services. We do no charge a rescheduling fee.
  • Will I receive a downloadable copy of the livestream?
    You bet. We'll shoot you an email with a downloadable copy of your live stream the following day. This is an identical copy of the live stream program in the same resolution it was streamed in.
  • How much time do you need to set up?
    For our multi camera live stream broadcasts, we request that you allocate at least one hour for us to set up. Every venue is unique and one hour ensures that we have ample time to set up equipment and test appropriately for the best live streaming results. Our breakdown is generally about 20 minutes. Our smaller single camera live stream add-ons to our film packages usually take 15-20 minutes to set up.
  • How quickly can you switch to a new location?
    Switching locations mid live stream is possible and can be accommodated to stream multiple events in the same day. Our timeline of one hour for setup and 20 minutes for breakdown is ideal, but we sometimes can accommodate a faster turnaround depending on your event specifics.
  • Do the hours need to be consecutive?
    Yes, the coverage hours must be consecutive. Your initial setup and final breakdown are complementary, but time between is billed consecutively. If you have any large breaks in your day, please let us know and we'll do our best to accomodate the pacakge price.
  • What if there is insufficient data or wifi?
    There are many factors that come into play with regards to connectivity and live streaming. For this reason, we have developed a fail-safe plan to ensure your event goes live. A real-time stream of you live stream is dependent on wifi or cellular data at your event site. We test the upload speed of both upon arrival at your venue, and will use the strongest source for your live stream. In the unlikely event that both are insufficient, your online guests will be notified and your live stream will automatically be shifted to a “delayed live stream”. Guests will be informed of a new time to tune in, and your live stream recording will go live in the same video player then. Cellular data is included in the livestream packages. We do not test connectivity prior to your event day, but you are welcome to test it yourself at your next site visit to help set expectations for your live stream. Speedcheck is a great, simple app you can use to check the wifi and cellular data upload speed. We require a minimum upload speed of 3mbps for a successful live stream.
  • How does the audio work for live streaming?
    Our default is to place wireless transmitters and mics on both the officiant and groom for real-time sound. Other key audio sources can also be mic'ed (ie. musical performers, speakers, podiums). Knowing of any additional speakers other than the officiant, bride, and groom upfront is very helpful for our setup (ie. readings). ​ If the ceremony is being amplified by a DJ, we can often broadcast their audio feed as well.
  • Is your live streaming equipment compatible with wired-internet/ethernet?
    Yes. We have a 300 ft ethernet cable available if your venue allows for this. Please inquire.
  • How long does it take for a delayed upload?
    This depends on how soon we can get to a location with strong wifi. Leaving one hour of buffer time generally ensures processing and encoding time for your delayed live stream. We take this all into account when announcing a start time to your e-guests. Couples often choose to do a delayed upload of their live stream if they know they will be outside of sufficient cellular data (ie. backcountry elopements). We will do our best to estimate a reasonable delayed start time for your e-guests if this is the case.
  • Can I have a slideshow running prior to the live stream?
    Yes. We have the ability to play video files prior to or during your live stream and many couples opt to play a slideshow video prior to their live stream beginning. It is also possible to play pre-recorded speeches, etc. Please email us your desired video file 24 hours in advance of your event date.
  • When will I receive a webpage link to share with our guests?
    We generally deliver your custom live streaming website a month prior to your event date. If you require it sooner, please inquire. Your custom site can include things such as a gift registry, links to your wedding website, a photo gallery PDF, or a timeline.
  • What is the difference between an interactive live stream and a one-way live stream?
    Our standard one-way live stream is similar to what you would witness watching a broadcast on TV. Guests can tune in to watch the broadcast on your custom web page and also leave a message on your guest book. These live streams are generally hosted by An interactive live stream allows your guests to actively participate in the event. Couples often choose this option if they would like to have a family member give a speech during the reception, or do a reading during the ceremony. The livestream will be fed through a Zoom meeting, which is projected onto a screen so you can view your guests in real time. The call will be amplified with speakers, so you are able to hear your guests speak. We monitor the call to keep noise interference to a minimum. The live stream is the same quality, just streamed through a different medium. Interactive live streaming requires two videographers. There is significantly more equipment, set up, and monitoring required than a one way livestream.
  • How is an interactive live stream different from having one of our guests zoom the wedding for us?
    The interactive live stream runs our premium live stream through a zoom call. This means there will be multiple high quality video sources used to capture the best angles during the livestream. Wireless microphones will also be used to ensure high quality audio during the livestream. The guests on the zoom call will then be projected onto a screen and amplified, so you can easily interact with them in real time.
  • How many people can watch the live stream?
    There are currently no limits on the number of viewers on our “one-way” live streams. Send the link to everyone and their uncle. ​ For interactive live streams, Zoom does have a cap of 100 devices by default. Please inquire about upgrading to 500 or 1000 devices.
  • How is your live streaming service different than if we just did it ourselves?
    Live streaming has become quite accessible with new apps and streaming services, however hiring a professional comes with many added benefits: We use professional wireless audio so that your e-guests have a crystal clear audio right from the source (iPhones from 10 feet away really don’t do it justice). We use the same cameras and lenses we use for our filmmaking endeavours creating high quality, professional footage. Our zoom lenses allow us to get up close to the action without leaving an imprint on your day. We have packages that include multi-camera broadcasts which are completely immersive for your online viewers. They’ll feel like they’re right there beside you! Your “poor uncle” - Don’t put the stress of live streaming your special day on a family member or friend. Let all of your guests be present with you on your wedding day! If there is an issue, we’ve likely seen it before and know how to troubleshoot it, creating a seamless experience for your online guests.
  • Is the live stream private?
    We use a private website to host your live stream. Only guests that recieve the link will have access. For one-way live streams, we use to broadcast your event. ​ For interactive live streams, we use Zoom to broadcast your event but it is only accessible from the link we provide you.
  • What is the live stream resolution?
    We stream in a minimum of HD 720p which is high definition, fast, and creates a great experience for your e-guests. With strong enough wifi, we can do a HD 1080p stream.
  • Do you travel outside of the Sea to Sky region for live streams?
    Yes. A travel fee will be applied to any live stream exceeding 100km from Squamish, BC. You will receive a customized travel quote upon inquiry.
  • What is your cancellation policy for live streams?
    Deposits made are non-refundable, but completely transferrable to alternate dates (pending availability) and services. We do no charge a rescheduling fee.
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